What if ... Joey Scarolla...the champ is here

7/7/07 1:26 AM
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Mark my words he is going to be the next big thing at 170 lbs. He is undefeated, crushing all of his opponents. He has the heart of a lion. His grappling is probably better than anyone at 170 (anyone that can hang with and more than hold their own with matty and nicky serra). Rumor has it he is on the next TUF...you heard it here first he is the next big thing.
7/7/07 1:27 AM
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Goat would kill him...
7/7/07 1:32 AM
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hes a renzo guy who went to serras right?
7/7/07 1:33 PM
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Yeah thats him keep an eye out for him he is going to make a huge splash.
7/7/07 3:23 PM
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"He is undefeated, crushing all of his opponents." You mean like the one guy who didn't even know a simple armbar defense. Not really quality opponents.
7/7/07 6:51 PM
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Why are you guys hating??? "You mean like the one guy who didn't even know a simple armbar defense. Not really quality opponents." All the guys that he fought have been pretty much top notch. He cant help it that his ground game is so effective that he overwelmes even the most game opponents. Are there any guys in the next TUF that are really good??? You guys seem to be the MMA police, if and when he smokes the competition on TUF will you guys give him his props?
7/7/07 7:51 PM
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How can you say he has no chance? His ground game is sick and his stand up is legit, undefeated in mma. THe guy is going to be a force.
7/8/07 1:38 AM
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"All the guys that he fought have been pretty much top notch." I've been watching Joey compete in grappling tourneys and mma matches since the Farmingdale "barn" days and the old Vanderbilt fights and wouldn't really agree with that statement.
7/12/07 4:00 PM
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funny cleaning my room today i found a ring of combat fight program with scarola on it from 2002. it wouldnt surprise me to see him blow up.
7/12/07 4:27 PM
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Scarola is legit. He's got more BJJ than most of the current 170 pounders in the UFC.
7/12/07 4:28 PM
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My purple belt Nissen Osterneck grappled Scarola last year, said he was tough.
7/12/07 4:36 PM
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I lost to him 2x0 on a takedown a few years ago. Dude is very aggressive. Heard he might be on TUF 6. Good luck to him.
7/12/07 5:10 PM
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Another thing that makes Scarolla great is his uncanny ability to pick things up wicked fast. If he does have any holes in his game ( I can't think of a single one)he would correct those flaws ASAP.
7/12/07 11:25 PM
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Joe, he's not on tuf 6. 170 is too light for him. Nissen is concentrating on MMA now. He is 4-0. Good luck, Jay DEnnis
7/12/07 11:33 PM
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Joe is a very tough kid. That is not him. He posts here on occasion under his real name I believe.
7/13/07 12:22 AM
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I got $50 that says mac Danzig pushes his shit in if the face each other That sounded really gay man. Scarolla is tough by the way.
7/13/07 11:24 AM
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Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time
 Win Bill Worfolk Submission (Armbar) ROC - Tournament of Champions 11/17/2006 1 1:51
 Win Jeff Williamson Submission (Armbar) RF 11 - Reality Fighting 11 2/11/2006 1  
 Win Ken Gold Submission (Armbar) VATV 9 - Vengeance at the Vanderbilt 9 8/5/2000 1 3:37

7/13/07 11:28 AM
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"He is undefeated, crushing all of his opponents."

"All the guys that he fought have been pretty much top notch."

I'm not hating, really, i've heard good things about Scarola, but not one of his three opponents has a single win.  It doesn't help Joe much to make statements like that when people can just look up his record. 

7/13/07 1:28 PM
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Already told you that that is not JOE.
7/13/07 1:41 PM
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I meant for it to be read like this -

"It doesn't help Joe much, to make statements like that, when people can just look up his record. "


7/13/07 1:55 PM
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Not really familiar with Scarolla or his opponents. But Ive heard of similar stuff.

There is a definite issue Ive noticed, where some really talented BJJ guys start off getting extremely easy matches. Im talking against guys who are good at nothing. They obviously cant hang on the ground with them, but they also have weak wrestling and are no KO threat on the feet.

So these guys who are debuting as brown or even black belts wind up just annihilating these guys with no problem. Then they wind up with a nice record and are considering for title contention. Problem is that theyre often fought only a few rounds total and have never been pushed or worked through adversity.

Its an issue of a false sense of security.

Dont get me wrong, part of having a good manager is to have relatively safe matchups to get yourself experience. Thats how boxers get to the top. While we dont have the luxury of spending 15 matches over 2 years to get comfortable in there, diving in head first usually isnt a great idea either.

If you are BJJ or boxing or wrestling it makes sense to not want to fight a guy whos better or equal in your strongest area early on. Fight guys with a different skill set. But not guys with little to no skill set where you get nothing out of the fight other than a win and bragging rights.

I notice this a lot on the East Coast where guys who can sell tickets seem to be able to get opponents where you have to wonder where the promoter found them.
7/13/07 2:15 PM
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"I notice this a lot on the East Coast where guys who can sell tickets seem to be able to get opponents where you have to wonder where the promoter found them. "

I'm sure it happens equally as much across the country, you're just seeing a lot of it here because, well, you're here Helwig!

Makes sense for ANYONE's first fight to be against a guy who ALSO has zero fights, or maybe 1 or even 2 fights.  Same with the second - that opponent should have 1-3 fights.  Those are equally matched fights.  When you get to fight #3, you're opponent needs to have at least 1 win on his record for the fighters to have equal experience and equal skill levels.  I think at that point your credibility starts taking fire - three fights and a not one opponent had a single win.

But again, thats not a shot at Scarola, I KNOW his BJJ is legit if he trains under Serra.  Matt Serra's BJJ credibility is beyond reproach and I hear he is very slow to give out rank so to get a brown under him you have to be REALLY good.  At the same time, I think you make a fighter look bad when you say things like "he's undefeated" and has faced nothing but "top notch competition" when his opponents have record's like Joe's.  Best just to let him show what he has on the show (if he's on it). 

7/28/07 8:23 AM
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Guys, this isnt Joey. I was just hyping up one of my faviorite fighters. But wait and see when he fights, I guarantee he is going to make some waves with his skillz and his heart. You will see soon enough. He will be a UFC champ. And as for his opponents not having a single win, I'm not sure if I believe that. Anyway, when you see him against UFC calibre guys he will still shine through.
7/28/07 8:54 AM
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Serra4ever what is ur name ? do u train @ Serras
7/28/07 10:53 AM
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Exactly, i would like to know who Serra4Eva is as well!