What if ... Lol@ wanting to hear what ariel has to say

5/14/13 11:51 PM
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Im on the edge of my seat lol. What a little beak nosed loser. Phone Post
5/14/13 11:53 PM
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Anderson Emelianenko -

lol, he's more succesful than you'd ever be, and he's not a midget who abuses steroids to make up for being a midget.

Im 6'0" and 265 rock solid....what makes me a midget exactly? Phone Post
5/14/13 11:53 PM
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He is a JEW! End of discussion
5/14/13 11:54 PM
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Dude with all the bullshit that's on this site, this isn't bad. I didn't mind it at all.