What if ... Matt Brown: Iron Chin, Glass Body

7/27/14 9:05 AM
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WTF is up with that? He's never just shaken off a body shot. Hit him in the gut or the rib and he's AFU, blast the dude in the head and he's ready to come back harder. 

Lawler put the stamp on him in the first, then Brown comes back to win the second. He gets his body busted up in 3 and 4, then says 'fuck it' and goes out and wins the 5th round.

If every body shot didn't take so much out of him, he might have beaten Lawler and got the title shot. 

Awesome fight. Both guys put on an awesome display.

7/27/14 9:08 AM
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You know how bad body shots hurt and you know how you want to puke and drop after a good liver kick. Shit hurts and it's hard to 'shake off'. I got kicked so fucking hard on my right side that I thought my rib cage was caved in for half a min, it was like I could only breathe on one side of my body. Give ol Matt a break Lupo

7/27/14 9:13 AM
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Im sorry but this tread is fucking retarded. Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 9:19 AM
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Brown does have a weakness for body shots, not just liver shots. I love the guy, but it's true.

Yesterday I re-watched his fight with Jordan Mein, and he hit the deck from a shot to the lower abdomen.

He has a Homer-esque capacity to absorb head shots, but those body shots visibly hurt and deter him.

Surprised Lawler didn't go more to the body in truth, I think future opponents will do.
7/27/14 9:24 AM
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I think it is more so, its the people that he is fighting know he is horrible at defending the body shots. So they are wide open and there for the taking. Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 9:44 AM
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I don't understand why this "Matt Brown has a soft body." idea has gone viral.

When a POWERFUL striker hits anyone, especially with a kick - the most powerful strike in anyone's arsenal - they will be hurt.

The fact that Matt recovered in mere seconds to put the heat on Silva is proof enough that he doesn't have a soft body.

Then there is the set of abs he has. So unless you don't know anything about basic anatomy and human biology and think you can build up a liver or some people have an iron liver, just stop this madness.
7/27/14 9:50 AM
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Not so sure he "can't take" body shots as much as it might be "he willingly takes too many body shots".

He's almost been finished a few times with a left kick to the liver, yet it seems like he has little interest in defending that or working angles that would prevent him from absorbing full on shots IMO. Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 9:53 AM
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Remember when Brock got punched and he made bitter beer face? The same thing has always happened with Brown when he gets hit to the body.

Body shots hurt everybody, there's obviously no immunity to them, but Brown has a visable reaction after being struck by punch or kick to his midsection. It's not just well placed liver shots, he gets shook from shots to the gut too. 

You'd have to be blind to miss it.

7/27/14 9:58 AM
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He had injured his ribs right before the Jordan Mein fight which is why he got planted from that body shot, whether those injuries have continued or people have just been exploiting the body Idk Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 9:59 AM
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DIAZ_BROS, AGENT'S_ADVICE - Im sorry but this tread is fucking retarded. Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 10:06 AM
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I'd love to see them fight again down the line. Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 10:17 AM
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Matt lost because he had the words DUDE WIPES on his ass
7/27/14 10:23 AM
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The guy just won seven fights in a row and then went five brutal rounds with one of hardest hitters in the UFC....He was never stopped once in that time....He is a tough muther fucker and badass....HIs toughness and will is what got him this far.....Terrible post OP, just terrible....
7/27/14 10:26 AM
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I was at the event screaming: "Set up more body strikes Robbie!" But he didn't listen to me, I don't know why. Phone Post 3.0
Edited: 7/27/14 10:33 AM
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His / stance is the reason he catches so many body shots and they fucking hurt, it has not really stopped him from winning. Thread/
7/27/14 12:01 PM
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He has a glass body for sure Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 12:16 PM
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It's not retarded really, a lot of fighters get hit in the body and can be ok with it ( not saying body shots don't hurt because they do a lot) for example lawler got hit in the body a few times in the fight and nothing really happened brown gets hurt every body shot! He actually does have a glass body! I don't know how some of you people think this post is so crazy? Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 1:14 PM
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Maybe people just think that because he's been hurt, so they aim for the body more? I'm sure most fighters would crumble at some of the bodyshots he's taken. Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 1:49 PM
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Like Tito Phone Post 3.0
7/27/14 4:34 PM
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JamesTheWelshDR - Like Tito Phone Post 3.0

Exactly,Tito had a terrible body chin. Other guys have awful leg chins and get finished from low kicks.