What if ... Pls fix my account

1/31/14 3:47 PM
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ever since the MentaL thing my shit is all retarded. I can post from the app, but get a "invalid password" message on the site after I login when I am prompted to change my password. Both the support form and emailing mmastaff@mixedmartialarts both got me the same level of silence. I am sure the OG misses my voice and my employer is starting to become suspicious at my new level of productivity, so his is a rather urgent matter.

I realize this is out of character for a site do modern and well managed. I appreciate your prompt attention. Phone Post 3.0
1/31/14 4:09 PM
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Would really appreciate it Phone Post 3.0
1/31/14 4:34 PM
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A lot Phone Post 3.0
1/31/14 4:42 PM
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Bump Phone Post 3.0
1/31/14 4:43 PM
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I can help ya out

send me an  email


1/31/14 4:55 PM
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sent. Thanks Phone Post 3.0
1/31/14 4:58 PM
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moving thread, now that we communication going threw email =)

1/31/14 5:01 PM
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Thanks rick