What if ... SuperCalo?

2/22/13 2:49 AM
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Can anybody give me some cliff notes on what exactly took place? Was the ban reasonable etc Phone Post
2/22/13 2:50 AM
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What if...

2/22/13 2:59 AM
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Just curious at best Phone Post
2/22/13 3:40 AM
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. Phone Post
2/22/13 3:41 AM
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Id like to know Phone Post
2/22/13 3:46 AM
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superCalo is 100% my favorite poster on the UG. I get his humor and his posting style and I think it's funny as hell when others dont or are too serious about his posts.

From what I can tell, Calo was trolling a bit too much earlier and pissed off Dana...then heads rolled. Maybe Cindy can let Dana know that Calo is just the online version of cheese in the suit pocket?

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They have erased all of his threads too. I'm really at a loss for words. It's like half of the good times that I ever had here never happened. This place just flushed a goldmine in content.
2/22/13 4:07 AM
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Well dfw better step up his game and post more content if he is the reason carlo is gone... not sure if he is the reason I'm not even really sure what's going on. Phone Post
2/22/13 4:09 AM
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2/22/13 4:09 AM
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He pissed of señor baldie. Phone Post
2/22/13 4:13 AM
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Legends die young... Phone Post
2/22/13 4:17 AM
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It's hard for me to believe that BLAF could really be bothered with a good-natured internet troll like SuperCalo. I didn't really think it would ever be possible for me to think less of Dana White than I did. I don't know what sits beneath the scum at the bottom of the pond but whatever it is, it is the stuff the Dana White is made of.
2/22/13 4:22 AM
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You either love him or you hate him.

I seen his vtfu count go from -250 to 300 or so back down to 50. So it looks like the ug is divided. Phone Post
2/22/13 4:22 AM
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Calo was harmless. Ridiculous
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Well as much as I found Calo clever and funny if this place is to be continued to be taken seriously as a MMA information outlet you can't have people fabricating tweets, because it's easy to create fake and most people won't check the feed cause they are already in react mode.


Whether you like Dana or not he does come here and doesn't have to, neither do the fighters. Having a person fabricating comments by them for the unwashed masses who most of the time don't get the Calo Schtick is a little much.


He also didn't stick to making stuff up he would switch back and forth so on here it creates some legitimacy problems


I think that's your line right there


RIP hombre

2/22/13 4:30 AM
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The UG banned it's resident comedian. Ridiculous.
2/22/13 4:31 AM
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Megatherium - The UG banned it's resident comedian. Ridiculous.

they probably should have at least stickied a do's and don't of satire

2/22/13 4:36 AM
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I asked him what happened before I came and read everything and the man says these words of wisdom:


2/22/13 4:36 AM
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I'm surprised no mod has mentioned anything about it. Not that I'm aware of anyway. Phone Post
2/22/13 4:42 AM
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I'm feeling a Bellator only mma tv diet coming on.
2/22/13 4:42 AM
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He's like Chael. When he's trolling, it's purely for entertainment.

People need to lighten up!
2/22/13 4:44 AM
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Dana's gonna have a heart attack. This is why the other faces of sports avoid the media when they do things.

2/22/13 4:46 AM
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NotImpressedByYourScreenName -  So the Matt Hughes farmer thread is gone? Can his threads be reinstated or are they gone forever?

This is stupid - Calo did those jokes with fake Txt's on Dana's phone and it was put on the front page of mma.tv: http://m.mixedmartialarts.com/mma-news/421969/Dana-hears-about-the-injuries-parody/

So its not like he warned not to do it again or anything. Surely mods could have just put "(parody)" in the thread title?

Typical Dana, loves a prank as long as he's the one doing it. Guy is an immature asshole. What sorta guy in his position cares what a poster writes on an Internet forum or has public spats with random people on twitter?? DFW most definitely has a small penis. Phone Post

I reckon all them there ol' threads has done up and vanished sudden like partner.

Some Godless Las Vegas city slicker must be behind such a think I figure.
2/22/13 4:54 AM
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chalkandcheese -  Dana White was born in the wrong place and wrong time. Germany in the 30s would suit him. Phone Post

Just about any time and place but here and now would suit me.
2/22/13 5:02 AM
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I hope all this isn`t a side effect of Dana`s Manure Disease.

Maybe when that Manure passes through his brain he`ll realize he over reacted.