What if ... Team Alpha Makle goes 13-0 under 'Bang' Ludwig

9/7/13 12:10 AM
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Team Alpha Makle goes 13-0 under 'Bang' Ludwig


Half the fighters in MMA lose every fight. Thus, assuming even matchups, there is a one in two chance of winning a fight. Odds of winning two in a row are one in four. Three in a row? One in eight.

But what are the odds of winning 13 fights in a row? The odds are 8,192.

Since Team Alpha Male leader Urijah Faber brought in Duane 'Bang' Ludwig to coach the team, no one has lost, 13 times in a row. Bang in beating the odds, and the team could not be happier.

Chad Mendes
"Being able to do all the drills and all the control and kind of slow things down with Duane Ludwig, and just really drill everything and really just embed it in my mind is probably one of the biggest keys with that control lately. I'm definitely very grateful to have Duane in our camp and he's been doing great things for us."

Joseph Benavidez
"We were always good fighters and a good team, no matter what we did, but we pretty much did that without a coach and without structure. We had great teammates to train with everyday, but we got that close, split decisions away from a world title when we really didn't have all the other luxuries that other fighters have, which is just a coach. People take all that for granted. Just having somebody to watch video, watch your opponent, we've never had that before. If we were that close and we were getting better with him this might be the year we add some gold... He's 100 percent the missing link at Team Alpha Male."

Next up is UFC bantamweight T.J. Dillashaw, who fights Raphael Assuncao at UFC Fight Night 29 in Brazil on October 9.

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Bang is the man. Always been a fan, always will be.

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