What if ... UG GP 2: K Dub VS YVES JOCKSTRAP?

12/27/07 2:26 AM
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Hey everyone, Thanks for everyone who asked about what happened with me and pushing for me to be unfrozen. I sincerely appreciate it. I will make sure this post follows forum guidelines and is respectful, so it has no chance to be frozen. Also, this is MMA related so please do not move to the "What If" forum. I have been a member here for 7 years and have a good reputation here, so give me the benefit of the doubt. Anyways, after I was frozen K-Dub sent me a private message asking me if I would of called him pathetic to his face, I replied I would. He then said he would smash me, to which I replied that we can have an MMA match. He then invited me to come to California to get my "ass beating" I then told him that is kind of a "dicktuck" so to speak, and to tell me what weight and so forth he would like to fight at, as I would talk to promoters and make it happen. He never responded and never responded to the challenge thread made here. So, in the spirit of Martial Arts, I would like to respectfully challenge K-Dub to an MMA match, at the weight he chooses, in the next UG GP. I have competed in the past at 155, he is much bigger than me and should have no problem accepting. It sounds like an easy win for him, so I'm sure he will agree. That is all, if K-dub does not accept the challenge, then I will use this thread to post a bunch of cool MMA vids/highlights. I don't want to break forum rules or upset anyone, but I feel I was mistreated on this forum and wanted to voice my opinion. Thanks to Fabes, Sandy, Seamus and Bodybag76 for making threads calling for my return. Nice to see green namers Jay Estrada and Derek Tomchek vouching for me too! K-dub, do you accept? If not let me know ASAP so I can make this thread worthwhile by posting MMA vids. Thanks all, Ramy Daoud
12/27/07 2:28 AM
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**obligatory slap picture that would get me frozen here**
12/27/07 2:30 AM
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Thanks rufus!
12/27/07 2:34 AM
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forget it im not risking anything lol
12/27/07 2:34 AM
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12/27/07 2:34 AM
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cheers at the return of Yves
12/27/07 2:37 AM
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Shiloh- That sucks man. I feel I presented myself pretty respectfully here, obviously if this was face to face I wouldn't be so nice to K Dub. Hopefully I won't get frozen, I tried not to copy/paste the e-mails directly here for that reason. Crooklyn- Thanks, I don't think you know who I am but you were still backing me up, you're cool in my book. Thanks for saying you wanted to get me on your show, I read that on one thread and started cracking up haha. Einux- Crazy shit, huh bro? Never thought I'd get frozen. Back to Shooto threads for me I guess.
12/27/07 2:40 AM
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Yves I was in your same situation since I have been a member I haven't been emailed, about bad conduct, frozen, suspended, banned nothing, than I post 1 gif once and zap down for the count.
12/27/07 2:41 AM
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I know you're good people Yves.  Everyone told me about you.  You'd make an awesome guest and other people have been e-mailing me to get you on with us=)  You get my 100% loyalty sir=)  xo
12/27/07 2:47 AM
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Hey Monsters Ball=)  xo
12/27/07 2:51 AM
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Welcome back YJ. 

Sorry if it was my mess that sparked what got you booted in 1st place. Thanks for the strong support in the other threads.

12/27/07 2:51 AM
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Kirik cares, he is good peeps, he just cant publicly bash his mod crew he never has and never will, that doesn't mean it hasn't been brought up, I would be willing to bet he was very displeased with the treatment of Oddessa.
12/27/07 2:53 AM
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ttt for wreckage, one cool mofo!!
12/27/07 2:54 AM
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Interesting thread. *Grabs popcorn* *Winks at cRoOkLyN*
12/27/07 3:00 AM
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i have a deal with kirik
12/27/07 3:00 AM
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If his fight actually goes down.....since my challenge fell on deaf ears...... I wanna sponsor Yves Jockstrap.

12/27/07 3:00 AM
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Sounds good and all but the UGGP is held at an amature event. To my knowledge "pro" fighters (i.e. KdubT) cannot fight at ammy events. But if it can work out...sounds great although the bad blood is disappointing considering what the first UGGP was all about. Anyway, good luck guys. I hope you can bury the hatchet and have a few beers afterwords if this actually happens.
12/27/07 3:01 AM
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welcome back yves
12/27/07 3:02 AM
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I would like to throw my hat in as a sponsor for Yves as well..I know just the shirt I can have printed up ;-)
12/27/07 3:03 AM
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hey crook how are you
12/27/07 3:07 AM
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TOWE- Are you serious? Thats crazy man, I don't know how to comment about that, haha. ttt for Sean Betts! Thanks for the support man! Crooklyn- Thats crazy! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, I'll be checkin out your show from now on. Really cool of you to back me up. Odessa- Yeah, it was from your thread. I like your posts and you are a genuine guy with good info, everything I know about betting in general I learned from you posts. I have been on this forum since I was a teenager, so you taught me what the negatives and plusses meant on all the number when the MMA lines would go up, haha. I was surprised that you'd be treated like that, and commented that K dub was pathetic. wreckage- Kirik is a great guy, and I don't blame him for not speaking publicly about moderators and so forth. You're 100 percent right.
12/27/07 3:13 AM
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Dreamer- Technically I am a pro as well. I made my pro debut last November in Chicago, where I live. But I'm only 1-0, so I should be an easy win for K dub :) So maybe it can be a pro match, or even an exhibition match? If its to be a pro match I will donate my purse to a charity of the UG's choice. Odessa- Wow, I'm honored. The only sponsors I've ever had were my dad's tobacco shops, and it is kinda weird fighting with "TOBACCO HOUSE" written on your shorts, haha. You truly are the man, don't know what to say.
12/27/07 3:19 AM
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oh and btw a Mod sending a PM to a member asking them to fight is not against Terms of Service?
12/27/07 3:22 AM
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Yves, I figured if you were going to fight a "pro" in an MMA match you would have to be a pro yourself, thus I don't know if the UGGP would be ideal for you guys although I'd love to see it happen. Really though, that would probably be up to Monte Cox since it's taking place at his show as far as I know. Hell, I'd love to see a pro level UGGP, there's definately enough green namers on this site to do it.
12/27/07 3:24 AM
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yves let me know what we can do with this. if its possible, I'll start lookin for sponsores to get you here to ohio to get this fight going. but it is a pro vs a ammy. so you might forgo your amateur status if you go through with this. just a heads up. carnestm@gmail.com