What if ... WTF? Jon Jones Storms Live Press Conf in Kansas!

3/19/13 7:19 PM
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http://youtu.be/atYqsIMYr8A Kansas City Mayor Sly James' "State of the City" speech was interrupted this morning when a furious unidentified man stormed the stage and took over the podium before being wrestled to the ground by security. While James talked about the city's public image and the various stadium projects it has funded, the man appeared on stage, grabbed the Missouri state flag from its holster, and threw it across the stage before commandeering the microphone. "This man had just gotten through talking about what the fuck he ain't goddamn did!" the man said, pounding his fist into the podium. Two bodyguards approached him from behind and struggled to get him to the floor.
3/19/13 7:20 PM
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Zuffa has really stepped up its pre-fight promotion big time! This is crazy!
3/19/13 7:22 PM
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Decent takedown defense with that guard. Looks like Sonnen is FUCKED!
3/19/13 7:23 PM
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In Phone Post
3/19/13 7:23 PM
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Damn, Jones loves all kinds of posts.
3/19/13 7:24 PM
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black on black crimez


3/19/13 7:28 PM
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Flag pole, phone pole.. Jon takes them both out.
3/19/13 8:28 PM
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iPhone link please ! Phone Post
3/19/13 8:35 PM
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so has jones or his people or zuffa spoke on the situation yet? will this affect his next title defence?

its admirable to be so passionate about politics, society and your role in them but this is over the line imho, especially being a high profile athelete.