What if ... What really happened with my arrest! (Parody)

8/29/13 9:44 PM
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Just want to clear things up. So what really happened was I was on my way home from doing a seminar with a well known fighter whose name rhymes with Dick Niaz. All of a sudden a cop pulls behind us and puts his lights on. Another case of DWM(driving while mexican) I immediately tell Dick to ditch the Cali kush only he can't bc he's already stashed it under the seat. So as soon as I pull over Dick hops out and starts running and screaming 209 bitch!! Obviously Dick got away hiding in the corn fields. Cops pull me out the car searches it finding Dick Niaz's Cali kush stash. I was then arrested n booked for dwm and possession of weed. I bonded out for $1500 and haven't heard from Dick.

Tiguel Morres Phone Post 3.0
8/29/13 9:50 PM
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0/10 you're trying too hard. Phone Post
8/29/13 9:51 PM
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. Phone Post 3.0
8/29/13 9:54 PM
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You sound like a retard. Phone Post 3.0
8/29/13 9:57 PM
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You love Dick don't you.
8/29/13 10:30 PM
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Grab a sweater bitch Phone Post
8/29/13 10:37 PM
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A parody? No shit? Phone Post 3.0
8/29/13 11:32 PM
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i lold Phone Post
8/30/13 5:50 AM
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I actually thought it was funny. Nice play Phone Post 3.0
9/2/13 6:04 PM
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Rudi -  Grab a sweater bitch Phone Post