What if ... Why does Dana White hate Johnny Cash?!

2/22/13 2:10 AM
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Johnny Cash is a legend.  Pissing on his grave is a very poor move.

2/22/13 2:10 AM
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How can anybody hate this man?  WTF Dana?!

2/22/13 2:13 AM
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I think he just hates Belchers tattoo because it makes him look fat. Phone Post
2/22/13 2:13 AM
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I blame Alan Belcher's left arm.
2/22/13 2:21 AM
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Dana White badmouthing Johnny Cash?

Where do you go from there? Burning the Flag? Pushing old ladies over in the street? Eating babies?
2/22/13 2:24 AM
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Dana wants his feelings on Johnny Cash to remain secret, I suggest you all edit your posts.
2/22/13 2:28 AM
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Before we jump to conclusions about Dana White's alleged assaults on elderly women, we should give him a chance to tell his side of the story.  Perhaps the old lady provoked the alleged attack.

2/22/13 3:19 AM
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Johnny Cash is the G.O.A.T of any genre.
3/4/13 9:36 PM
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was the original thread deleted? I haven't seen it and am trying to find it

3/5/13 1:38 AM
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It was deleted.  Other Supercalo threads and posts have been brought back, but I doubt they brought back that thread.