""Living Life to please others is a Fools errand" Tyler Knight"
Member Since: Jan 1, 2001
Job: Picking up trash along the road, licking stamps
Education: Skull & Bones, Masons, Hare Krishna, Brownie Club
For Fun: My Custom Cars,Chopper, stepping on bugs,
Experience: oh boy, you better believe it!!
Location: Allegany Indian Rez...NY state
Twitter: http://www.myspace/knockoutfactory

Yes, I do it all!

I have done everything in the Combative sports world except Fight and Round Card girl! No, wait, I've actually done a bunch of Round Card Girls... let me rephrase... I have held just about every position in the MMA/Boxing world except Combatant & Round Card Girl.

I have judged, refereed, trained, cornered, promoted, managed, inspected, coached, officiated, arrbitrated, wrapped,  ..... ummm i think thats it.


Michael "Snake" Tome

Seneca Nation Of Indians Licensed Promoter
Seneca Nation Boxing Club President
Association of Boxing Commissions (A.B.C) Certified Advanced Professional Judge & Referee
Seneca Nation Of Indians Athletic Commission Inspector
United States Kick Boxing Association Certified Official
Native American Sports Council Level II Coach
USA BOXING Certified Level II Judge, Referee, Timekeeper
Ohio State Licensed Official & Cornerman
Owner, Knockout Factory Gym