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I LOVE these threads, and have been clicking on them for years, as there is often something new and interesting.   I am certainly one of the majority, those who accept the points of view of the Saulo, Fabio Gurgel, and all the others mentioned above, over the opinions of those who have never rolled with him, whether its Bas, Wallid, or even never rolled, like I think some of those who are most harsh to him.  In this thread, what I've found new was said by IP:

On one side
-Considering past accounts of Rickson's demeanor/personal code, I figured he would have challenged Sak immediately after the Royler fight.
-In "Choke," He appeared apprehensive/nervous during preparation leading up to his fights - not cool, calm and collected like I thought a "400-0" guy would. He almost seemed unsure of himself.
-My impression (speculation, guess), based on the first two points, is that if he did finally agree to a fight with Sak, it was because he felt the pressure - not because he wanted to.

I think this is really good.  It might even be correct.  Who knows.  Regardless, its new (for me, at least)  and perceptive.   Its funny how he is defending Vorhees is simply regurgitating whats been said ad nauseum.


Also, it makes me think of Liborio.  Look how he did poorly when it came to match time. 

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