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Member Since: Feb 12, 2007
Job: MMA Promoter
For Fun: Mixed Martial Arts
Experience: 22 Year United States Marine/ 30 Years Martial Arts Instructor
Location: New Cumberland, PA,USA

My name is Master Mark P. Jovich Jr. promoter  Warrior Challenge.

The Warrior Challenge holds Professional and  Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition that allows fighters to gain valuable experience in a safe and professionally run martials arts event.

Our goal is to provide a quality mixed martial event that promotes the sport, fighters, and schools of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The "Warrior Challenge" will be a quarterly held event to allow fighters to compete for a championship title belt and retain that belt by defending his/her title each quarter.

Additionally the Warrior Challenge will also host 3 & 5 fighter team competitions.

Contact us at or (717) 250-8841

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