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The gallery has been updated with the remaining fights (MMA and Boxing).


- Kim Couture vs. Kim Rose
- Brice Ritani-Coe vs. Rob Mitchell
- Dave Jansen vs. Dennis Davis
- Kui Gonsalves-Kanoho vs. Ricky Johnson
- John Alessio vs. Pete Spratt

- Grzegorz Kielsa vs. Alvaro Morales
- Kevin Burnett vs. Horace Grant
- Alonzo Butler vs. Friday Ahunanya
- Jonte Willis vs. ?

Couture News ...
After suffering a broken jaw in her pro debut loss, female mixed martial artist Kim Couture was initially informed that she would require sugery to wire her jaw shut for five weeks. Upon realizing that she was a fighter, doctors decided instead to insert a titanium plate and screws. Couture will undergo surgery on Wednesday. The procedure will allow her to return to training and sparring in just 6 weeks, a lot sooner than possible had she had her jaw wired shut. "I will be eating a steak dinner the night of my surgery," she remarked. Excited about the news, Couture is eager for a rematch with Rose, stating, "I will definitely get her back! I don't think she can whoop me."






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