"What doesnt kill you makes you stronger."
Member Since: Feb 7, 2009
Job: Cage Fighter
Education: Bachelors of Science
For Fun: Outdoor activities, training, learning martial arts, Internet
Experience: White belt in Bjj, orange belt aikedo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Mui-Tai, Hapkedo, Roman Greco freestyle and Collegate Wrestling, Samba, Judo, Shoulin Kung-Fu, Street.
Location: Kearns, Ut, USA

I fight, whenever. I have giving up lots of weight in the cage too many times. I have lots of expierience and alway provide the best show i can. I have been fighting my whole life. While others were getting credit for sports in high school and college I was fighting. I have been kicked out of every school I have gone to except one for fighting, including college. I have been enrolled in 13 schools. I have a clean record. I love MMA and hope to take my career to the next level.

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