"A mind is a precious thing to waste."
Member Since: Apr 11, 2009
Education: I taught myself everything I know.
For Fun: Reading, singing, writing fiction, watching MMA, the UG, swimming, paintball
Experience: I have worked with JPMorgan Chase for 8 years, 7 of which I have been a manager.
Location: New York

I'm a huge fan of the martial arts, though I am not involved in one personally. I've been reading the UG since 2005, but it was always just something to look at for news and views. In 2009 I decided to register so I could add my own opinions into the mix, and my time spent here has gone up exponentially since then.

I first got into mixed martial arts because of UFC 1. I watched it with my father, and loved it. I fell out of contact with the sport though. In fact, until 2002, I didn't even know it still existed. I was messing around on Youtube and found videos of Bas Rutten palm striking the shit out of people in Pancrase. I was again drawn to the sport, entranced by the courage and toughness shown by the fighters. It took me about 25 seconds to find out the UFC was alive and doing better than ever after watching those videos, and there was another organization: Pride! Since that day, I haven't missed a live show from either promotion.


Outside of my fascination with the world of mixed martial arts, I work for JPMorgan Chase Bank. I am a manager at one of our call centers, which basically means I control a team of 15 bankers that assist customers over the phone. There's nothing exciting about the job, but the pay is very generous and the benefits and insurance they provide are incredible.


My true passion, however, lies not with banking, but with singing. I am happiest when I am free to sing aloud, or getting laid. Both are great. Actually, sex is definitely better than singing. But I really do like to sing, it lights me up inside.


Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side;

Somewhere inside my childhood, I missed my heart die.


So, to whomever is reading this, nice to meet you!

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steve sandstrom
steve sandstrom Yes I need dat stream. Thank you