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Be thankful, grateful and proud~the rest of life will fall into place naturally......

My name is, “Little” Patricia Vidonic, I am a professional mixed martial artist, mom and wife. Originally from Medford Oregon, now out of Billings, MT. I hold a pro record of 6-1 and held an ammy record of 4-1. I fight at 105lbs to 115lbs and have been training for 2.5 years now. I have accomplished a lot in those two years. I held 3 ammy titles in 3 separate promotions at two different weights. I have earned fight of the night in my last ammy fight and my first pro bout. I filmed a reality show for professional female MMA fighters(where I also fought, however the results haven‘t been released yet), and I am fighting regularly. My last fight was Oct. 1st for Blackeye Promotions, Breast Cancer Beatdown. I fought against Chelsea Calorelli (6-3) at 115lbs. I finished the fight at 4:04 round 2 via RNC. It meant a lot to me to fight for such a great cause. Earning Fight of the Night honors. Did I mention that I have no martial arts background and I never wrestled, everything I have learned is specifically for the cage. I work very hard, I am dedicated, and know that I will reach the top. I always conduct myself in a respectful and professional manner. I love my family, my friends, my job and my life.

I grew up in Southern Oregon as an only child, and I lost my mom at a young age. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34 (I was 13) and passed away at 36. She had gone through 2 bouts of chemotherapy, one radiation and numerous surgeries including: lumpectomy, two mastectomies. About two months after I turned 15, she passed away; I was with her when she passed. After that I had some teenage rough patches then ended up getting pregnant and having a son by the time I was 19. His name is Marky, and he is a typical 12yr old; he likes skateboarding, bmx, video games, girls, and his newest past time is riding horses. Occasionally he even dresses down and does some MMA with his mommy. The biggest highlight of my career is knowing I can be a positive role model to everyone. I get a big kick out of the kids who come up to me and ask to get a picture with me. They look at me with such admiration, which makes me strive harder and stay focused. I have a wonderful husband and son who both support me 100%, as well as many friends, family and fans who I also want to thank for their support.

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