Gerardo Gallegos

"Life's To Short To Take It Seriously So Live It Up!"
Member Since: Jun 9, 2009
Job: President
Education: High School Grad
For Fun: Training, chilling out with my family
Experience: Management
Location: Lexington, KY USA

I want to give a special thanks to the people who have my back in this fight game and that try to help me get to the top ( YOU ALL HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART).  Also I want to give a shout out HA, HA, HA to all the HATERS( you know who you are) "man just be true to yourself". I also want the people to know I fight for Fight For Life USA Cancer Awareness, if you or anyone you know has been touch by Cancer Please email us and post their name and I will DEDICATE my fights to them. Thank you heres the link

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