Mayhem MMA

"The premiere organization that fighters in the Midwest want to fight for."
Member Since: Sep 2, 2009
Job: MMA Fight Promoter
For Fun: MMA, Mixed Martial Arts
Location: Chicago, IL

Mayhem Promotions is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions company dedicated to putting the fans and the fighters first. We are located in the Chicago area and are the organization that fighters in the Midwest want to fight for.

Mayhem was created when we realized an innovative MMA promotions company was desperately needed in the Chicagoland area. Mayhem Promotions offers a fresh take on MMA because not only do we understand the fighters’ disciplines, we know first-hand what the fans want: evenly matched opponents and quality bouts.

Mayhem Promotions has established growing relationships with numerous training academies throughout the Midwest. The Mayhem name is recognized by fighters and camps that not only are we a diverse and original promotions company, but we exceed our competition on multiple levels. Mayhem Promotions is truly in business to promote TOP QUALITY FIGHTS, for both the fans and the fighters, and want nothing more than to be a genuine component of the sport’s growth.

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