Daniel Johan Mackie

"Anything is possible."
Member Since: Jan 21, 2010
Job: Mixed Martial Artist/ Car Salesman
Education: Some College
For Fun: Training, helping people, fighting.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Website: http://www.fightplay.tv/bloggare/daniel-johan-mackie/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/swedishfighting#/swedishfighting

I came to America in hope of a new life. I fled Sweden in 2002. I was a threat to the neo-Nazi movement in Sweden. Nordland which was the largest record label/distributor for white power music to the world was located in my city of Linkoping and therefore there was a big movement there.. Learned how to fight because I had to defend myself against them. I have had over a hundred incidents with them. The only reason I left was because they started messing with my family. The final straw was when they bombed my mothers car.

Since I've lived here I have had time to meet an awesome wife and make two beautiful children. I'm also an American soldier working for the National Guard. My unit is in Auburn, Ca. "Charlie Rock" C 1/184th Air Assault unit.

I've sold cars for the last four years for Autonation. I also blogg on Swedens biggest mma site http://www.fightplay.tv/bloggare/daniel-johan-mackie/  and my bloggs are now in english.

I was in the states 7 years before I got this amazing opportunity from Wanderlei Silva.

On november 14th 2009 he held tryouts to be on his team. I flew down to vegas on the 12th and missed my second sons birth because of it, but I'm gonna make sure it was worth it! After I made the team I was invited to be in his new reality show "Fighter Life" which I did and it was an awesome experience. There is a trailer on youtube for "Fighter Life".

Now I'm living in Las Vegas and I'm trying to pursue my dream of first getting in to the UFC and then the ultimate goal is becoming the UFC champion.



Me and Wanderlei Silva.

Me, Michael Costa and Wanderlei's wife, Tea Silva.

Me and Minotauro.

Me and Minotoro.

Thiago Silva, Me, and Wanderlei.

Me and Mike Whitehead

 Me and Rafael Cordeiro


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