"Are you ready!!!!"
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Job: Unemployed
Education: High School Grad.
For Fun: Working out, Chores, Fighting
Experience: Intermediate
Location: North Salt Lake Ut, Davis.
Website: http://top2ot2010
Twitter: http://Top2hot86

Hi my name is Nathan Hare. I've fought one battle, would like to compete again. Into trainning, havent trained Much, but am constantly exercising, and working out..

 Would join a team if opportunity came around.

I'm a thrill seeker, I enjoy gut wrenching adventure and am always relating to the people that seem to be the same way as me. I love the outdoors, competition, dirtbikes, quads, weights, and having a nice body.

I'm a scorpio, have been all my life, Born on the 27, of october, of the year 1986, I was about an eight pound baby, And the story starts from there.

 I love girls, I don't know how to feel about any one who does'nt, even girls like girls. PS. I'm single at the moment so hook it up!!!!

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