Member Since: Jul 26, 2012
Job: Marketing / Personal Trainer
Education: Master's Degree at Un. of Tampa
For Fun: Grad Student in Marketing, Training in MMA
Experience: 1 yr of Marketing experience, 1 year of Amateur MMA
Location: Tampa, FL
Twitter: http://NaciVela

 I'm a grad student at the University of Tampa. I have experience in online marketing and hope to someday break into the MMA Industry as a marketing professional. I would love to help promote this sport on a global scale, and have it sanctioned in every country. I would love to see some sort of MMA in the Olympics.


I recieved my black belt in Kung Fu when I was 14. I trained as an amateur for about 1 year at ATT LV. Currently looking for a gym in Tampa with good sparring partners to start training again. I love the warrior aspect of martial arts, I treat it as such. 

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