E Fielder

"Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer Give em Hell Alabama!"
Member Since: Feb 14, 2013
Job: Retired from MMA, Bartender
For Fun: Fishing, Bartending, Football, Hanging with friends at the Beach
Experience: 30 years total (combined)
Location: Ft Myers, Florida USA

Fake people make me laugh. They make these false claims, spread untrue rumors, try to live up to a make believe image, always brag, talk themselves up falsely, get super jealous, talk behind people's back, and never accomplish anything. They embarrass themselves with out even knowing the rest of the world is laughing in their faces. Got to love these lovable losers for giving all the Real people something to laugh about. Thank you for all the laughes!

If you are a person that has ever mentioned my name either good or bad I need to thank you for the free advertisement and helping make me famous. Thank You! You have helped make me the happy person I am today.

I love my wife, children, grandchildren, inlaws, and friends. Know you all are in my prayers always!


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