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Fedor was a FAKE      I'm not a troll, im just SICK of you people flocking to a man who couldn't even fight good in the second best SECOND best organization (SF)


Get over it people.  Being submitted by Werdum, your ass BEAT by Bigfoot, and KNOCKED THE F*CK out by Hendo, does not make you the GOAT let alone the best heavyweight of all time.

Back in the day, in the UFC Fedor still couldn't even beat Randy Couture or Frank Mir. And today? Today would be hell on earth for him.  JDS would knock his head off, Velasquez would maul him to death, Lesnar would rip him into pieces, and Overeem would knee him to DEATH.

At 205, Jones would smash him with elbows and Anderson Silva would TOY with Fedor on the feet and KO him with a kick and follow up of punches.

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