The 2009 Fight! Magazine Power 20

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Once a week I go to Boston to work with Chris and Gabe. By work I mean sometimes I yell so much spit flies out of my mouth; when you have known someone since they were 11, you can get away with that. So yesterday I drove two hours, sat down, chatted about the weekend’s local fights, and we worked for a bit, until Chris said, “You made honorable mention for the 2009 Fight! Magazine' Power 20 list.”

“ME I DID??!?”

Chris looked stern, paused for a moment, and said slowly “Sherdog made the real list.” Then he glared at me, and went back to pecking on a laptop, silently. Gabe didn’t say a word. Last time I went from pretention to ignobility that rapidly I had driven by some girls who did a double take. “I am really handsome” I thought. Then I chanced to see my face in the rear view mirror - I had sneezed and there was a booger on my cheek.

Jeff Sherwood making the list only makes sense; I have the highest regard for him, and all he has accomplished. Me I was still happy.

So last night, I emailed my dad. He is at some God forsaken gold mine in Tanzania, or maybe a marginally less God forsaken gold mine in Ghana, or maybe some truly utterly totally God forsaken oil pipeline in Nigeria. No answer. I emailed my mom, she still hasn’t answered. I told my cats, and one of them made celebratory clear fluid come out of its nose. Also left a celebratory regurgitated mouse downstairs. This morning a guy from the gym stopped by with KFC. I told him. “Cool” he said.  Then he told me how he had won $8,000 in a fishing tournament on Lake Champlain this weekend and we animatedly talked fishing for a while, while eating chicken. My mom is going to care.

If someone wins the lottery, I bet the first thing they do is imagine all the stuff they can get – Cadillac, pay off credit card, more lottery tickets. So I imagined what I could do with my newly recognized Power. It was a harder exercise than the ottery winning one.

I could ban everyone on the site, but then I couldn’t eat. I could add false suspensions to a lot of fighters, but then I would get arrested, lose contract, and Bernie would shoot me. I could put a choke hold on someone at the gym and not let go, but a couple of them would pull off choke and punch my eye orbit a good couple of times. I could make a bunch of biased calls at a Grappling tournament for every kid with a hot mom, but then I would once again be a tall skinny guy getting yelled at by a Brazilian.

In the end, I decided instead to just blog about it, and cause some kvetching about who should and shouldn’t be on the list.Yah you can start with me :-) Here it is, the Fight! Magazine Power 20:
#1 Dana White
#2 Lorenzo Fertitta
#3 Joe Silva
#4 Scott Coker
#5 TapouT Crew
#6 Marc Ratner
#7 Brock Lesnar
#8 Greg Jackson
#9 GSP
#10 Randy Couture
#11 den Albrecht
#12 Jorge Guimares/Ed Soares
#13 Tom Atencio
#14 Jeff Sherwood
#15 Urijah Faber
#16 Bob Cook/Dewayne Zinkin
#17 Ricardo Liborio
#18 Joe Rogan
#19 Mark Cuban
#20 Jeff Clark/Matt Stansell

Narrowly Missing the List
Mark DellaGrotte
“Mayhem” Miller
Javier Mendez
Kirik Jenness
Tito Ortiz
Ken Pavia
Jeff Meyer
Quinton Jackson
Scott Peterson
Fedor Emilianenko
Chuck Liddell
Reed Harris

Five for the Future
Mika Casey
Miguel Torres
Robert Roveta
Gina Carano
Michael Bisping

“Oh there they go. There they go, every time I start talkin 'bout boxing, a white man got to pull Rocky Marciano out their ass. That's their one, that's their one. Rocky Marciano. Rocky Marciano. Let me tell you something once and for all. Rocky Marciano was good, but compared to Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano ain't shit.”


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paw site profile image  

6/25/09 3:44 PM by paw


Winnson site profile image  

6/25/09 12:36 PM by Winnson

This makes a lot of sense. I remember when the new Zuffa guys used to come here looking for ideas.Kirik in the top 5!Zuffa, make it happen.

alvo69 site profile image  

6/25/09 12:23 PM by alvo69

 TTThis Kirik fellow is an odd sort. Funny, Humble, Dedicated, Enlightened. Bow before his KIRIKNESS and behold the blog of the correct. They should have done a Top 20 for Fighters that influenced the sport,  in addition to a Top 20 for Promoters/Managers/Media/Sponsors. THAT would have been IMO a better, and more equitable, and scaleable way to measure things....  (and THE KIRIK /MMA.TV  would have definitely have made that Top 20 List, or the UG/OG would run RIOT) 

TUFF-N-UFF site profile image  

6/25/09 12:22 PM by TUFF-N-UFF

 In my eyes there is only 1 Jeff Meyer

Emphatik site profile image  

6/25/09 7:21 AM by Emphatik

Its quite clear to me with the GLARING ommision of OMA(tm) and our glorious leader Kirik, that this list is not a "Power 20" whatsoever, but rather an adept troll against the UG by the 'super trolls' of the so called Fight! magazine.They got you Kirik, boy they got you good!

droc site profile image  

6/25/09 6:27 AM by droc

what he said!

Gorgeous site profile image  

6/25/09 6:00 AM by Gorgeous

 Of what is this work you speak?

ThEUniT site profile image  

6/25/09 5:46 AM by ThEUniT

Fedor not on the list, its not a list.

D3structo site profile image  

6/25/09 5:34 AM by D3structo

 UG should definitely make the list. I think we have a lot more influence than people think.


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