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This week has seen two really big changes, at least in terms of how the behind the scenes will work here at StrikingShots…

The first change relates to the way in which I provide prints to people. Selling prints accounts for about 0.5% of my income and profiting from them isn’t an avenue I’m overly interested in going down at this point. I have however found myself spending increasing amounts of time arranging printing for people, going to the lab, collecting prints and posting them off. I find the whole process labourious and franky there had to be a better way…

Enter Exposure manager, who will now be handling all of my printing needs (obviously any speciality items will be dealt with by hand) and my albums will still come from one of my vendors.

So how does the system work? All that you need to do is go over to the Proofing Area, find the event you are interested in, find the photo you want prints for and order using their secure online shopping cart.

Less than a week later you should receive your prints. I’ve seen samples of their pictures and they are head and shoulders above the quality that comes from the quick print machines and while costing slightly more ($1 for a 6″x4″ print), are well worth the money…

There are however two drawbacks that I can see, firstly the process requires you to have a valid credit card, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The second one however has been the big sticking point with me in the past, which is that the prints are cming from the USA and therefore shipping is a little expensive for non-US residents (though at around 1000¥ per order is hardly excessive). I have contacted them to see if there is any way around this issue, but at the moment it remains…

The second big change relates to my workflow which as you may well know runs mostly through Adobe Lightroom. Couped with photoshop Lightroom lets me do everything I want with my pictures and I am not exagerating when I say it has changed the way I work…

Yesterday Adobe Labs announced the public beta for version 2 which on initial inspection seems to retain all of the features which I love but has added a number of new features which will help mework even quicker, spending less time behind the compute and more time taking pictures, which frankly benefits everyone…

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