South for the Winter…

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So as with all good things my time in Japan is coming to an end. My reasons for wanting to stay are multitude but at the end of the day I’ve been feeling myself getting into a rut and I know that soon after I’d cease to have fun which frankly is what life for me is all about.

As a result I have given notice to my corporate agency and have my last wedding firmly booked on the 28th of March. I have a fortnight afterwards to get myself packed up before heading south to spend some time in Sydney. Due to the joys of the commonwealth I have a working visa for a full year with the option to extend it for a further 12 months if things go well.

As a result of this move I will not be taking any new bookings after March 28th. If you think you have an appointment (of the business nature) with me after this date contact me ASAP as you are not in my organiser. If anyone in Sydney is looking to have their event covered please do contact me as I will be looking to work as soon as I arrive.

Huge thanks to all of the awesome clients and friends I have met while in Tokyo, you have succeeded in making the past two years memorable beyond belief. I shall without doubt be back in Japan in the future so keep your eyes open to see when I will be in town…

Obviously this whole adventure is subject to the question which I start every day with…

“Am I having fun?”

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