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Yesterday I was able to re-acquaint myself with a little bit of highbrow culture, which I have been missing since I moved to Asia. In the UK I was a regular visitor to the opera and to a lesser extent the ballet as I not only lived remarkably close to the Royal Opera House (making getting standby tickets very viable) but they had regular discounted evenings. In Asia there seems to be no real push to widen access to the arts and as a result the prices remain horrifically high which dampens my enthusiasm.

It did not take my friend Jennifer much effort to persuade me to come and watch her recital especially as she was able to wrangle free entry. Little did I know it would be a children’s concert and so not only did I get a nice rendition of some Dvorak and some Mozart, but I also had some children singing Japanese versions of the Sound of Music and Disney songs, I’m unsure if it improved the day or not…

After the performance my friends Steph, Yonosuke and Keiza joined Jenny and the rest of the Orchestra for dinner at a local izakaya which is always good, mostly as I absolutely love bacon wrapped asparagus which is always on the menu…

Yonosuke then suggested that we go to see some of his friends compete in a dancing contest. This was definitely one of the more bizarre events I had attended recently as it was being held at a nightclub, but the crowd was full of under 16s (I’d guess the majority were under 13 or their guardians). There seemed to be no real rhyme or reason for the various kinds of dnce on display either ranging from hip-hop, to a bizarre comedic representation of several pop songs, to the pictured artistic rendition of Marilyn Manson…

Regardless I had fun and if nothing else it was a break from the normal routine. I’ll organise a larger selection of pictures and do something with them later this week, but I’ve been busy today trying to decide which hard case I want to buy, I’m pretty settled that I’ll go with a Pelican, it’s now just a case of which size and if it’s cheaper to buy in Japan or as is more likely import one…

This weekend sees the return of jumpin’ which should be great fun, see the pictures from the last one here. If you’re going to come a long let me know and I’ll be sure to say hi…

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