Sydney and a look back…

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Nikon D200 17mm f/3.2 8/10s ISO 100

So I survived the move, I’m in Sydney and the weather is awesome. I have found good but expensive internet access so feel free to contact me via e-mail (I will be checking it daily so be a little patient still please). I have a new phone number so if anyone is in Sydney and wants to get in touch you can do on… (guess who can’t remember their own phone number?)

Before I left Tokyo I had a great last night out, visiting Mel Bruce’s party Berzerk at Pantera. Now this night is usually awesome with electro so dirty you think you’ll need a shower, but last Saturday Robert Palmer absolutely slammed it, with one of the best sets I’ve heard in years. Robert Palmer, definitely remember that name…

After Berzerk I drifted a little before ending up at DJ Maluse’s new after party in Roppongi, which was a really pleasant surprise as Roppongi nights are usually marked but drunken sleaziness and horrid music. Electro panic however was marked by drunken sleaziness and really great music thanks to Maluse and Funky Gong amongst others…

Check out the pictures here or buy prints over here

It would appear the weather has turned for the worse, there goes my plan for being touristy this afternoon…

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