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 We plan on having a charity event in the near future and we want to get some input.  What charity would you like us to support?   We are looking for one that doesn't get any kind of goverment help and works off of donations alone and would receive the most benefit from the event.  Some of the ideas we have heard have been:  SPCA, St. Judes, Wounded Warriors and the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.  We are also looking for anything that we can auction off.  Anything will be appreciated.  So that no one gets the wrong idea, this is 100% for charity, we are in no way, shape or form doing this to promote our business and if you know us then you know that is the truth, we will be donating heavily (money and time) out of our own pockets to help a worthy cause.  Please give us your input on a charity, a place to host it and items to auction.

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