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umbrella in sydney
Nikon D200 55mm f/2.8 1.6 sec ISO 100

Last night I went out to what I expect is Sydney’s answer to London Calling. Neo Tokyo was a reasonable electro night but I wasn’t really feeling it as far as dancing went. I felt like the DJs were playing songs and not sets, which is fine at a bar but when I’m out dancing I like to have something perfectly crafted with a consistent flow which runs from track to track…

Adding to my angst is the fact that one of my flash units has developed a curious and erratic fault with it’s sync port. If I pop it during a long exposure, it decides that it wants to fire repeatedly and at random throughout the exposure. Now I have found the fault it means a quick trip to the nikon service centre and everything should be fine (I have several spares) however in the dark of a club I wasn’t able to isolate the problem and so had a thoroughly frustrating time taking pictures. I finally came up with a work around involving 3 pocket wizards, some gaffa tape and a clamp (don’t ask), but by that point I was running low on moxie and left for home shortly afterwards…

Enough of my whining and here are some more pictures…

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