“Real Aikido” Hard Style Street Fighting Techniques

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Choreographed Aikido

I am well aware of the knocks against Aikido training, and trust me, I’ve said my share. I can’t stand watching choreographed movements where the uke is doing more technique then the tore. Last night we did our black belt aiki-jutsu charts. My fingers to my shoulder are still “tweaked” due to my lack of practice in taking aiki falls. But, I was impressed and enjoyed the movement, flow, and “combat grace” of it.

Choreographed Aikido

I think one of the main reasons people have such hard time respecting the aiki side of Ju-jitsu or Japanese Martial Arts training is the abundance of fat, out of shape, scripted martial arts “masters” performing techniques. How can we respect someone or their art when you see them demonstrate something that you know would be completely useless in a real situation? I’m not one of those people that also says MMA is the answer to everything, but I do respect the fact that MMA teaches you to actually fight.

“Real Aikido”

Why looking on the net I came across a Wiki entry about Real Aikido – a Serbian Martial Art based upon Aikido, Judo and JuJutsu. The video above was from a choreographed fight sequence based on “Real Aikido”. The techniques, though scripted, are done with power, force and combat grace. I can also respect their effectiveness as well. Here are some more videos below based on Real Aikido/

Real Aikido Videos




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