Grappling Dummy Review

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Grappling Dummies are awesome pieces of equipment that you could add to your home gym. Currently I see about three types of grappling dummies circulating around the market. The following are the three common types of grappling dummy in the market today.

1. UFC Throwing Dummy
UFC Camo 100 lbs Grappling Dummy

UFC Camo 100 lbs Grappling Dummy

Basically it’s like a heavy bag that can stand on its own. You can even substitute this for the typical heavy bag all you need is a training partner to hold it for you while you practice your strikes at it. But as far as training jiujitsu moves is concerned this dummy won’t be very useful. This dummy is best used for practicing ground and pound and even some strength training exercises. It comes in different weight from 50 to 130 pounds. The dummy feels very solid and the leather used is very nice and also easy to clean. This is not so different from a typical heavy bag, in fact you can use an ordinary heavy bag to do what this dummy does.

2. Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy

Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy 120lbs.

This dummy is very similar to the first one. The only difference is the presence of arms and legs. It stands 5′10 tall and weighs 90 to 140 pounds. This thing is very solid and although you could perform some submissions, this dummy is very stiff. There are very limited jiu jitsu moves that you can practice on this thing. Just like the UFC throwing dummy this is better used for practicing throws,  ground and pound, and thai clinch. The only difference is that this dummy resembles a human opponent rather than a solid bag. I’d give this grappling dummy an edge for being able to use it like a heavy bag and give you a mediocre jiu jitsu training thanks to its arms. There is also a model that comes with a chain so you can hang it easily somewhere.

3.  Bubba II Grappling Dummy

Bubba II Grapping Dummy

This dummy is the most unique one out of all three. This is not as solid as the other two but then again what’s the point of having a very stiff grappling dummy when you want to simulate arm locks and bending its body like you would against your opponent. There are a multitude of jiu jitsu moves that you can practice with this dummy thanks to its easy maneuverability. Its ankles, wrists and fingers are flexible. You can also make it sit and stand on its own. It is much harder than it looks because the foam is tightly packed from within so doing some ground and pound work on this dummy isn’t too bad either. But judging from the material and stitching of the dummy I don’t think it’s gonna hold up as long as the other two grappling dummies as far as ground and pound is concerned. It stands 5′10 tall and weighs about 50 pounds.

Check Out this video of some of the drills you can do with Bubba II Grapping Dummy

In conclusion, if you want to practice your jiu jitsu to the fullest then a Bubba II Grappling Dummy is the best grappling dummy out there. The dummy was made very realistically and you can perform most if not all jiu jitsu techniques to the dummy. The only disadvantage of the bubba dummy is its price which is about $600 compared with the other two dummies whose price ranges from $180 to $350.  If you want something that can hold up for a lot of heavy ground and pound then I recommend either the combat sports grappling dummy or the UFC throwing dummy. These two dummies can also be used for some weightlifting exercises. Your choice of the grappling dummy comes down to what you want to use it for.

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