Chuck Liddell and Girlfriend Naked In Reebok Viral Video

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend have been captured on video where both are seen completely nude while working out in a gym. Excuse me, they actually had some Reeboks on.

The MMA community went crazy over the video yesterday, but we have now learned that the clip is a part of a Reebok viral video campaign as Liddell is the newest athlete under the Reebok banner.

Obviously, neither Liddell or his girlfriend have commented on the video as more talk and additional embedding of the video (which we have done below) will create a bigger buzz for the shoe company.

Liddell’s girlfriend, Heidi Northcutt, is using a stair machine in the video while the former champ can be seen doing pull-ups and squats … naked.

Check out the video for yourself below (courtesy of TMZ). It might not be suitable for work even though the images are blurred out:

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