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My MMA, Hi my name is Nathan, theres no getting it wrong with Nate, but call me Nathanial, Lets get ready to rumble.

I've only fought one fight but looking for the right trainer and a hopeful recruit looking for ambition and a little bit of pist off ,so I can show the world what a warrior I trully am. I've always had a little attitude, but  i enjoy the hell out of life. I love to hang out and finish projects where would I be if the fight never ended?

 Please feel free to send me pictures, videos, information or to simply give a shout o;ut to your dogg, Please do it!

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4/22/10 11:31 AM by MentaL

 Nathanial the Neanderthal

Kneeblock site profile image  

4/22/10 11:28 AM by Kneeblock


Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

4/22/10 3:04 AM by Herring In A Fur Coat

If the fight never ended, you would still be fighting instead of making retarded posts on the internets, Nathanial.  We'd all be better off that way.  

bradolson site profile image  

4/21/10 10:21 PM by bradolson

What kind of videos are you requesting?

donkypunch55 site profile image  

4/21/10 10:18 PM by donkypunch55

Now Nate...

tmr site profile image  

4/21/10 10:07 PM by tmr

 what crowbar said

tjhammerhead site profile image  

4/21/10 9:52 PM by tjhammerhead


Top2hot site profile image  

4/21/10 9:26 PM by Top2hot

I know They think your crazy for talking to yourself but, GET IT UP!!!!


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