Ultimate Warrior Workouts from Martin Rooney

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Martin Rooney has released his second martial arts and fitness book titled Ultimate Warrior Workouts: Fitness Secrets of the Martial Arts.  Rooney, the top physical trainer in Mixed Martial Arts, spent three years traveling to 11 different countries to investigate, train and compete in the 8 martial arts that compose the current sport of MMA.

“This book has led me on the greatest adventures of my life”, said Rooney.  “When I look back on the cities I visited, I am told my tour was more extensive than that of most rock and roll bands.  I spent weeks in New York, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Rio de Janiero, Bangkok, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Copenhagen.  The planning and training to prepare for the trips required a tremendous amount of work, but after finally seeing the finished product, I know it was worth the risk.” Martin’s first book, Training for Warriors, which was released in March 2008 has currently sold over 35,000 copies and was listed on numerous sports best-seller lists.

To produce the 384 page, full-color book of over 1,000 photos, Martin traveled to the top fight destinations in the countries where the martial arts that are commonly used in MMA originated.  Martin often spent weeks at a time out of the United States on these trips to countries like Japan, Holland, England, Russia, Brazil and Thailand.   On every trip, Martin was accompanied by a professional photographer, translators, and in some instances, body guards.

“People take the quality of life in the United States for granted.  This book led me to some rough areas in countries like Brazil, Russia, and Thailand in an attempt to gain the information and training I needed.  These experiences forced me to realize that in some ways, growing up tough is not just a part of training, but oftentimes a result of culture.”

In addition to training in foreign fight centers like Fairtex Fight Camp in Bangkok and Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam, Martin also had the opportunity to visit the home of the National Champion University of Iowa wrestling team.  “Iowa is the most storied program in our country. To visit and watch the training of these amazing athletes was an honor.  I now see why wrestlers are easily transitioning and succeeding in MMA.”

Martin had the luxury to train alongside many of the top martial artists on the planet today.   “In Brazil, I was sharing the mats with current UFC champion Georges St. Pierre.  In Thailand, I trained in the same ring with Yodsanklai Fairtex who is arguably the top muay thai fighter on the planet.  In Russia I was pounded by a former Soviet Sambo champion and I got tossed around back in the States by UFC standout Frankie Edgar.  All of this was shot and is documented in the book.  It is going to not only educate the readers about the fitness methods of the arts, but also the actual history and rules of the arts as well.”

In addition to fighting techniques and training regimens, Ultimate Warrior Workouts features a diet plan produced a top sports nutritionist and 6 month workout program composed of the exercises found in the book.  “I am excited for everyone to see this book.  I put everything I had into this project.  I know the readers will be able to recognize that through the quality of the book.  I have been told where there is effort, there will be accomplishment.”

In addition to the training behind the martial arts, Martin also describes how each art is performed, the philosophy behind each art and gives interesting quotes from famous masters that helped to develop the art. “I believe that every martial artist should know more about the arts.  If you are interested in MMA, you need to know what the arts are about, where they came from and what they stand for.  In a way, this book is a preservation attempt to catalogue what makes the arts great.”

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