04-19-10, Title: from lazy to ruthless

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My first day of actually taking shit serious wasn't horrible but wasn't exactly what i anticipated.  I woke up at about 10am, after getting a whopping 5 hours of sleep. I was supposed to to hit the track for some sprints but instead found my lazy ass puting it off. I decided to turn my coach into a nest for the next 8 hours. I decided old re runs of "The Jerry Springer Show" were more important than doing sprints and improving my cardio.  

After i had enough of the episode " I had sex with a Transsexual", I dozed off for a few hours.  When i finally decided to get out of the coach nest I thought it was time for a nutritious meal.  So I made my self two PB and J's and a glass of milk and went back to the nest to catch the 5 O'clock news.  while spending the day spacing my sprints I decided it was time to get serious and head to nogi jiu jitsu class.  

To my enlightment class was great!  We learned some ankle and toe holds then did some drills and went live.  You could call me the "double leg machine" if you insisted on giving me a nickname (since i tottally suck at every other takedown in the book, if there is a book of takedowns?). I landed about 15 double legs in the takedown tournament at the end of class.  shortly after this I was hoping to return to my big comphy coach. Note to self; work on your damn cardio!!  laying on the mat in a puddle of my own sweat, my dumbass had the idea of attending the mma class right after. 

Even though i looked like an extra from the movie "dawn of the dead", I was stoked to see that "ruthless" Robbie Lawlor was running class this evening.  Expecting him to be wild and crazy like he is in the cage,to my chagrin he was very quiet and kept to himself. He probably said but maybe 5 or 6 sentences to me the whole class but the shit he was teaching us was very crafty and im looking forward to class with him in the future!  A good day at the gym and no more classes to attend it was time to return to the bat cave (my house, i thought it would be fun to call it that, sorry).

I had a delicous protein shake and a salad with tuna for din din.  Stepping on the scale I was pretty happy and shoked with how much weight came off these past few weeks. A few weeks ago it looked like I was preparing for Mr.Olympia *slightly exagerated* at 205 pounds and now im a slimmer 193. I'll be a little ninia in no time!  The goal is to get down to 175 in the next couple a months for a potential fight TBA.  Anyways its wayy past my bed time so its time to lay down, enjoy a adult film, and hopefully fall asleep at a decent time. Gi class 10am sharp! Tune in and see how tomorrow goes...Tomorrow!


Me at 193 pounds


me at 193 pounds  

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