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Earlier this week I received a great promotional package from Luke over at BJJ Life, WWW.THEBJJLIFESTYLE.COM The package contained a great t-shirt, one of their BJJ Life Belts (which is a brilliant idea by the way), a BJJ Belt Key Chain, some BJJ Life stickers, and some promo cards.  I am very excited to do a product review for Luke and the guys over at BJJ Life.  This is such a unique company with a TON of great ideas and products!  They are using what they have to spread the word of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to masses and help the BJJ community with everything from ways to save money on products to sponsorships!  Above is a shot of what the entire promotional package looked like.


BJJ Life Belt



The first item I wanted to look at was the BJJ Life Belt.  As you can see from the picture above Luke was kind enough to send out a blue belt to me and I was very happy to see the belt in the package!  Since I didn’t own one, I was very curious as to the make of it and fit.  When I pulled it out of the package my first reaction was, this is a real BJJ belt!  It was thick and stiff like you would expect when you get promoted on the mats and get that brand new belt.  Now for the kicker… would it really hold up my pants?  As expected there was no problems in this department.  The two very sturdy metal D-Rings kept the belt snug and it place.  I had no worries of sporting an unexpected pant sag with this belt on.  As you will notice from the picture there is even a tab to show off your promotions if you wanted to.  This is where I had to improvise a little bit. (See Last Picture)  I really wanted to get a good feel for the belt so I could make a great review.  I wore this belt for 3 days straight.   Since I have earned my Purple belt in BJJ and have one stripe on my purple I didn’t want demote myself LOL!  For the sake of doing a great review and not having to answer all kinds of dumb questions in the gym about why I was wearing a blue belt around, I added a total of 6 stripes to the belt.  Four stripes that took me through my blue belt, one for my purple belt and one for the stripe I have on my purple belt.  Well I still got the questions, but that was a good thing because it brought attention to the actual belt itself and everyone that saw it and loved it as well!  If you are like me and proud of the hard work and dedication that you have done to earn your belt in BJJ you might as well show it off to the outside world and do it with style with the BJJ Life Belt!  They have have all 5 colors so no one is left out… GET YOURS TODAY!


BJJ Belt Key Ring



Another perfect way to show your love and commitment to the BJJ lifestyle.  Its a key ring made from an actual BJJ belt.  I know most dudes out there don’t have any key chains or whatever, but this one supports the cause and helps spread the word about BJJ Life.  People who don’t know will definitely ask once they see this and its a good way to start a conversation about BJJ and bring more people over.  Just don’t bedazzle the belt key ring or anything like that… if you don’t your manhood is still intact, if you do well that’s another date and another time.

The Shirt (and belt with my stripes LOL)



Now I am a T-Shirt and jeans guy.  That is all I wear outside of work.  When I opened this package and saw this shirt it brought back so many awesome memories!  Memories of sitting in my room as a kid and playing with my GI Joes, watching the cartoon in the mornings, and singing the GI Joe song!  HA HA For those that don’t know, the design on the shirt is a GI Joe design and its brilliant!  As a kid I loved GI Joe action figures as an adult my passion is BJJ so I have one word for this shirt… WINNER!!!  This shirt is one of many unique and clever designs that you can find over at The shirt itself is made of a 50/50 design of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which means its preshrunk and makes it one of the most comfortable shirts I own.  Its feels so light you really don’t notice you are wearing a shirt at all.  The gun metal color of the shirt flows with the theme of GI Joe and the words written across your chest… BJJ LIFE… makes this shirt off the chain!


So if you get a chance go by and checkout BJJ Life not only can you get some unique shirts, belts, and key chains, but you can find some awesome rash guards, fight shorts, gym bags, and pretty much any thing you need for your BJJ lifestyle!  While you are there make sure you join their LEGION and save on gear and work towards gaining a sponsorship and cash to compete!

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