Evan Tanner, and other great MMA ambassadors

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There has been a ton of hate towards Sean McCrokle for his comments, specifically the about the death of Evan Tanner. Rather than taking the road towards fighter bashing, I want people to remember Evan Tanner as the amazing person and fighter he was.

I think the thing that will always stand out about Evan Tanner was that fact that he alays wanted to do things his own way. How many fighters would really have the amibition to use their own home as a training facility for "disadvantaged atheletes"?

It is people like Evan Tanner and Chris Lytle (with his Pepsi Refresh) project that show a true love of the sport. Bas Rutten has always been great for the sport, given his stance on steorids, his keeping kids healthy campaigns, etc. Wanderlei is another great example of not only a great fighter, but a great person in mixed martial arts.

The sport owes a great part of its success to people like those mentioned above. Without these fighters showing that mixed martial artists weren't blood thirsty "human cockfighters" (coincidently the name of War Machine's last movie), the sport would never be where it is today.

TTT for the great people in MMA

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