Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson Predictions

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My Strikeforce predictions:

Fedor Emelianenko vs Dan Henderson

For the main event of Strikeforce I think that it is the hardest fight to pick a winner. If it was a few years ago I would have pick Fedor. It's hard to pick because of the slump that Fedor is in but I don't blame him that much when it comes to the loss to Antonio Silva because of the size difference. I don't think Fedor has the power to KO Henderson but I do give him a bit of a striking advantage. I think the fight will play out by Hendo clinching with Fedor and taking him down. I don't think that Henderson will finish Fedor but I that it will be close.

Henderson def. Fedor by Unanimous Decision

Marloes Coenen vs Miesha Tate

I also think that this will be a hard fight to pick. Both have mommentum coming in. I think that Coenen has a striking and submission advantage but Im thinking I am going to go with Tate. I think Tate will take down Coenen and control the fight. Although I wouldn't be suprised if Tate TKO's Coenen.

Tate def. Coenen by Unanimous Decision

Tim Kennedy vs Robbie Lawler

I think that there is one way that eaither of these guys will win. I think that if Kennedy win it will be by submission, and for Lawler KO/TKO. Tim is a guy though and I think that he will be able to aviod the power punches of Lawler. I think that Tim will take down Lawler and beat him up for most of the rounds and finish Lawler  is the 3rd.

Kennedy def Lawler by Submission in the 3rd

Paul Daley vs Tyron Woodley

I think that everyone has the same idea of what will happen in this fight. I think that everyone thinks that Paul is going to have a hard time with defending the takedowns by Woodley, and will loss the fight because Woodley will be on top the whole time beating him up. Now I also think that will happen, but I don't know if Tyron can take Semtex's big left hook. Now I don't think that Woodley can submit Paul. Paul is currently a purple belt in bjj, so he does know what he's doing on the ground. I think we will see a fight that is pretty much Woodley riding out the fight. Although I would like to see Semtex come out on top.

Tyron Woodley def. Paul Daley by Unanimous Decision



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