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Where to start in the Mixed Martial Arts Mess?

First off I would like to take the time to Thank Fedor and Henderson for one of the best first rounds ever in MMA. As a fighter at heart and a fan; they totally brought the show last night at Strikeforce.  It is very evident to me that Fedor’s hand speed has slowed down just a little bit in his past three outings. He is still a very dangerous fighter because he has power in his hands.  Fedor has fallen far from Pound for Pound list of all time for me yesterday from this loss, but he is still the greatest heavyweight of all time!!! Dan Henderson might be the best Mixed Martial Artist of our time. His losses are some of the best losses you can have in this sport! His win resume is also ridiculous as well.  I really didn’t want my two favorite fighters to fight, but it was one hell of a fight!  These two Warriors are the best and Herb Dean’s stoppage was legit because Fedor was limp. Fedor is the Godfather of modern MMA because he was the first to have a multiple arsenal from the days of Ken Shamrosourus. This is what his legacy means for me as an MMA fan! The Greatest heavyweight of all time and the Godfather of Modern MMA!

For the rest of the card I was not impressed at all!

Scott Smith showed nothing for me; he looks like a guy they just brought off the late night college bar stole. His pathetic attempts at strikes were terrible. For him having so many professional fights he look like a new comer. I see young high school wrestlers and young amateur boxers with more go than this guy.  I don’t bag on any fighter because that is not my thing to do, but this guy is going to get hurt he needs to hang them up a.s.a.p.! He made Saffiedine look like the best striker ever!

Woodley fought to not lose rather than to win

Not knocking T-wood but the hype around him is crazy just because he is an all American wrestler. Just because you can wrestle doesn’t make you a fighter with a killer instinct. While everyone is blabbing about the Fedor/Hendo fight, I had a lot of interest in this one because i come from a wrestling background like Woodley. Daley’s style is boxing and yet again that is my other background. I think that the judging in MMA is bad because you can’t give a guy like Woodley the first round after not getting one takedown in it.  Daley showed improvements in his takedown defense and I think he also stole the third round with the punches and the submission attempt.  I had Daley 2-1 on my scorecard.

Kennedy showed how wrestling should be used in MMA.

Kennedy is the Man! He is true American hero and Mixed Martial Artist.  You are not going to intimidate a guy that’s been in 100 shootouts overseas fighting for our country. Lawler made the mistake of trying to land one shot.  He did land a nice heavy uppercut, but a guy like Kennedy eats that for breakfast. Tim showed how to use wrestling other than our all American. He took Lawler down and kept doing it to use punishment from positioning, not just to get out of striking and to steal rounds.  Lawler showed great scrambling and TDD, but he just outclassed by Kennedy.

The only thing I agree with Dana White is that Women’s MMA sucks. Congrats to Tate for a big victory though. Enough said about that.

To recap what’s going on; I don’t understand why they didn’t put Werdum back in the tournament? He lost to the champ and he also dethroned Fedor. The logical explanation putting Cormier in for him is just ridiculous. This tournament started out great, but is ending up horrible. I also thought Griggs was the alternate and not Cormier? Not taking nothing away from Dan Cormier, but he hasn’t made his bones yet in MMA.  Griggs is more deserving than Dan because he has more fights and he was the official alternate.  Just because you were an Olympic wrestler doesn’t qualify you for this spot. This isn’t wrestling its MMA. 

Bigfoot vs. Cormier

One of two things is going to happen in this fight. Cormier is going to steal it with his wrestling or Bigfoot is going to get him on the experience.  People keep saying Dan’s striking is coming along. I personally don’t see it yet. He has become looser, but he couldn’t put Monson away.  I like Dan a lot because he is very classy and professional; I could see him being America’s Fedor. He has nasty wrestling as well, but like I stated earlier its Mixed Martial Arts!.

Overeem what’s the truth?

Did Overeem pull out because of injuries, Dana and UFC, Boxing with Klitschko Brothers?  We do not know truly what is going on with him. I personally think it’s because Dana White is going to bring him over to the UFC like Nick Diaz.  It doesn’t make sense for the Champ of your league fighting in its tournament. The winner of the tournament should get to fight the champ.  I also think he wouldn’t have won that tournament even after the Werdum win. I think Bigfoot, Sergei, and Barnett are better heavyweights than him.  That’s just my person opinion on the tournament. Boxing with the Klitschko Brothers would be a disaster!!! He would get smoked by either one of them in a Boxing match.  He got out punched by Werdum and was breathing so heavy, if he fought one of them he would be knocked out badly.  We know his chin is suspect too. He would have a slim chance with Wladimir because his chin is suspect. One thing I could say; they could hype that fight for millions of dollars though.  

He could just be plain sick of the Zuffa machine and just be done with them for all we know too???

Fights it need to happen

Mousasi vs. Henderson

Fedor vs. Werdum II  If Feddy doesn’t get cut!

“Jacre” vs. Kennedy

T-Wood vs. Saffiedine

Tate vs. Kaufman

Daly vs. Cyborg

Strikeforce had something great and they blew it merging with Zuffa. It’s a matter of time before they suffer the same fate as Affliction, Pride, IFL, WEC, and others.   


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