UFC 133: Evans vs. Ortiz 2 Pretictions

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Previous results: My previous results from Strikeforce Henderson vs Fedor, I was 100% on who won but I wasn't right on hpw the all win. 4/4 100%

Evans vs Ortiz

I think that it is a lot more interesting now that Ortiz is coming off of that hug win against Bader. Ortiz said that Bader was really slow but honestly Rashad is the fast light heavyweight in the UFC. The problem with Bader is that when he doesn't win the first exchange, he gets in trouble. Now Im sure he doesn't do it all the time but we saw it in the Bones fight as well. Bader was taken advantage in the stand up by Bones, that he even pulled guard. The point is I dought Rashad is going to do that. I think that Tito could take him down, but I am thinking that Rashad would be able to get up. I think that Rashad has the advantage in the stand up, and speed. I think we will see Rashad take down Tito, but I think it will be a stnd up war for most of the fight. Now I think that the fight will be pretty competative, but I think that Rashad will take this one.

Rashad Evans def. Tito Ortiz by Unanimous Decision

Vitor Belfort vs Yoshihiro Akiyama

Now if Yoshihiro is smart he is not going to stand with Vitor, like he has with Bisping, Beltcher, and Leban. Now I think that it is going to be a awesome fight if both stand. Now Im Akiyama stands up, he won't win, but if he uses his judo I think he can win. If he can get past the first round his chances of winning becomes greater. I think that it will end up in a brawler because I don't think Akiyama can resist it (that's way he has had a Fight of the Night awards every fight).

Vitor Belfort def. Yoshihiro Akiyama by TKO in the First round

Brian Ebersole vs Dennis Hallman

This is a really hard fight to pick a winner. Brian was awesome in his debut against Lytle, but he has lost most of his fights to submission. Hallman is an awesome grappler, who has submitted Matt Hughes twice. Its hard to say but I think that Ebersole has much better striking but if he can't stop the takedown then who knows. The thing that is interesting is that Brian is coming into the fight with a good trainning camp. He has always trained in Australia, and now came to the US to train. I think that will so some improvements that has me leaning towards him.

Brian Ebersole def. Hallman by Unanimous Decision

Jorge Rivera vs Costa Philippou

Now I haven't seen any of Costa's fights execpt for the Catone fight. I think that Costa can knockout Rivera, and Costa trains with Matt Serra so you know he has some Jujitsu. Now Rivera has solid boxing, but he is getting to the end of his career.

Jorge Rivera def. Costa Philippou by 2nd round TKO

Rory MacDonald vs Mike Pyle

I think that my fellow Canadian Rory is going to become a future UFC champ. He is very well rounded by he is going against the most expierences fight he has every fought in Pyle. I think that MacDonald is a better wrestler, but Pyle is a better submission fighter. I think that it is pretty even in the stand up though. I think that Rory is more powerful though. I think that Pyle is a little bit similar to Nate Diaz, and Rory beat the shit out of him. I think we will see a fight like that but not as domanate.

Rory MacDonald def. Mike Pyle by Unanimous Decision


Alexander Gustafsson def. Matt Hamil by Unanimous Decision

Chad Mendes def Rani Yahya by Unanimous Decision

Ivan Menjivar def. Nick Pace by Unanimous Decision

Johnny Hendricks def. Mike Pierce by Unanimous Decision

Mike Brown def. Nam Pham by 3rd round TKO


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