TUF: Team Bisping vs. Team Miller

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Michael Bisping vs Mayhem Miller

I think that this fight will be one that people will remember for awhile. Bisphing is going to want to strike, and Mayhem is going to want to grapple. I think that if the fight goes to the ground that Mayhem is going to a very good advantage, but Bisping does a good job of getting back to his feet. I think it will be a good long and close fight.

Michael Bisping def. Mayhem Miller - Unanimous Decision

Diego Brandao vs Dennis Bermudez

This is a fight between a wild powerful man is Diego and a strong skilled wrestler in Dennis. I think the only way Diego is going to win is that one punch in the first round. While I think that Dennis just needs to avoid the power early, take him down and make him tired then finish him in the 3rd. But I think Diego will land that big punch

Diego Brandao def. Dennis Bermudez - 1st Round (T)KO

TJ Dillashaw vs John Dodson

John is obviously the better striker. I think he does have a shot to finish TJ, but he is going to have a hell of a time trying to do that. I think TJ will take down John and control him for mostt of the fight. I think he will take him down quiet a few time because John jumps back up very welll.

TJ Dillashaw def. John Dodson - Unanimous Decision

Tony Ferguson vs Yves Edwards

I think this will be a real test for both of these two men. I think Ferguson is going to have a much harder time striking with Yves Edwards then his last couple of opponents. This is also a big step is compotition for him as well. This is also Yves 60th fight. I think the expierience will be a big factor in this bout.

Yves Edwards def. Tony Ferguson - Unanimous Decision

Louis Gaudinot vs. Johnny Bedford

Louis is a pretty small for the weight class but when the flyweight devision comes I believe he will be one of the top 5 in the world.

Louis Gaudinot def. Johnny Bedford - 2nd round Submission

Marcus Brimage def. Stephen Bass - 2nd Round (T)KO

Dustin Pague def. John Albert - Unanimous Decision

Josh Ferguson def. Roland Delorme - 1st round (T)KO

Steven Siler def. Josh Clopton - 3rd round submission

Bryan Caraway def. Dustin Neace - 2nd Round Submission


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