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I am a huge Jones fan but I don't want this to sound like I'm sucking his balls. I do feel that everyone has a chance against one another at this high of a level. The UFC light heavy title in my own opinion is the best title to hold. It has the most depth behind it. We’ll let me get to the chase here though! Machida has no fucking chance in this fight what’s so ever to me. My reasoning for this is pretty extensive and I have sat down and try to figure out how he would win but he is just out matched horribly. I don't make fight predictions because anything can happen in a fight! 1. Machida is not long enough to really get to jones 2. Jones is more athletic and has better footwork in my eyes. Machida's footwork is overrated! He really didn't have better footwork than Rampage or Shogun! Speaking of those two they are probably in the running for the top 5 best lightheavys ever! Arguably! Jones pounded those two so bad that he kind of made them irrelevant to the throne. Machida lost to both of them clearly! So I break it down to their styles Machida has been figured out and Bones hasn’t.  Kickboxing goes to Bones he out Muay Thaied Shogun who put it on Machida two times.  He outboxed rampage with head movement where machida lost to page in dirty boxing!  Wrestling and strength go to Bones hands down!  I also think his judo throws and submission game will be too much for Machida as well. I would be surprised if Bones finally gets his big ko with the hands or kick to the head because Machida is scared to get hit and he backs up. This will ultimately put him at the end of Bone’s power. When long limbs are at the end their shots it's much more devastating.  Machida might have to our point him to a decision and I don't think he can pull that off because of the speed and reach.  I hate to make predictions because it's a fight! The last time i said a prediction is when Sergei fought Arlovski and I called it right!    Jones is going to pound Machida and Machida's karate myth can finally be put to rest . Machida's nasty kos where on two wrestlers not strikers                                                                          


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