UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem

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Previous prediction 5/10, overall 90/137 (66%)

Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem

I think this is gunna be a unforgettable fight. Lesnar always has great fights and Reem finishes everyone. I think this is going to be a very competative fight because both these guys haven't fought someone like eachother before. Reem hasn't fought such wrestling fight Lesnars, and Lesnar hasn't fought anyone with the stand up skills of the Reem. Lesnar's stand up isn't even close to Alistair's, but Alistair can sub Lesnar. It is possible that when Lesnar goes for a takedown that he will fall into Alistair's guillotine choke. I think Alistair will get taken down but I dont think it will be a hug problem. I think the Reem will really hurt Lesnar on the feet and earn his title shot against Junior.

Alistair Overeem def. Brock Lesnar - 1rst round (T)KO

Nate Diaz vs Donald Cerrone

I think this fight will be an all time great! Both dont like eachother, and both will stand and bang. I think that the biggest difference in this fight is the wrestling. Nate has never really shown strong wrestling and neither has Don but he can take down Nate. I really dont think that will happen though. I think these too will trade on the feet. Even though Nate has a reach advantage I think Don will employe an in and out stratagy. Don uses lots of kick, Nate is more boxing. I think that one of these guys can be the first ot knockout one of another but its hard to say that.

Donald Cerrone def. Nate Diaz - Unanimous Decision

Jon Fitch vs Johny Hendricks

I think Johny is going to want to keep the fight on the feet. While Fitch is going to want to grapple dispite him being a great wrestler.

Jon Fitch def. Johny Hendrick - Split Decision

Vladimir Matyushenko vs AlexanderGustafsson

Alex is one of the top up and comers in the light heavyweight. But Vladdy is no easy fight. I think that Vladdy will take him down and control him.

Vladimir Matyushenko def. Alexander Gustafsson - Unanimous Decision

Nam Phan vs Jimy Hettes

I think Jim is a very talented up in coming fighter. He has awesome submission but he hasnt fought a lot of tough compotion. Nam has fought a lot of top lightweights and featherweights.

Nam Phan def. Jimy Hettes - 3rd round (T)KO

Ross Pearson def. Junior Assuncao - 3rd round (T)KO

Anthony Njokuani def. Danny Castillo - 2nd round (T)KO

Sean Pierson def. Dong Hyun Kim - Unanimous Decision

Jacob Volkmann def. Efrain Escudero - Unanimous Decision

Matt Riddle def. Luis Ramos - Unanimous Decision

Diego Nunes def. Manny Gamburyan - 2nd round (T)KO

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