Amazed at the UG community.

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 I gotta start off that I am the rankest of amateurs*, only read the forums, and signed up as a form of support. I had a great life until me penchant for a buzz and adrenaline led me to the stripey whole. While in the joint, a somewhat famous MMA fighter from the Netherlands busted for moving huge amounts of x, and other stuff was my cellie. He was as big as a pop machine and a very nice guy.  He was instrumental in me getting my body together after withdrawal ( and snail mailed him in the federal pen until he got deported. I hope to run into him on these boards. It's not my place to share about someone's doing time, so I gotta keep that secret until he says it's cool. I am sure some folks here super into it may already know who. If you do, please point him to this. Anyhow, I am way too old to participate in the sport but stay clean and in shape watching.  Oh yeah, the John Decyk or whoever link at the POW net led me here. After the lurking, I thought it may be a great way to get ahold of the Great Dane :-)


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