Bigger Muscle = Stronger Muscle?

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What's up dudes?

So I was just checking out this thread over at the forum.

This guy was asking about if a bigger muscle is always a stronger muscle.

Of course, the answer is "no" - and for a lot of reasons.

The discussion had been going on for a day or so by the time I found it. Already a ton of incomplete info all over the thread.

For instance, one of the things a lot of guys kept saying was that strength was based totally on neurological efficiency.

In other words, the more efficient your nervous system is at firing muscles, the stronger you'll be and the more weight you'll be able to lift.

This is a sort of "yes" and "no" answer.

First of all, improve neurological efficiency only helps you maximize potential. If you don't have the potential, it won't do you any good.

This means that you're gonna have to have some muscle on your frame. If you don't, you'll have to build some.

I don't care how neurologically efficient a guy is - you'll never see a guy weighing 140lbs benching 450lbs. His body just won't support it.

However, if you have the muscle (and therefore the potential), then having the neurological efficiency improves everything exponentially.

In fact, the right kind of training will not only improve your strength because of improved CNS capability, but also your speed.

And your agility.

And maybe even your reaction time.

Everything gets better.

A friend of mine found this out first-hand.

He used to be big and strong, but it didn't hold a candle to what he could do when he became athletic.

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Have a kickass weekend.

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