A New Brain Mini-Book

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What's up guys?

I'm about to tell you something that you might think is a bit nuts.

When it comes to getting stronger and faster, the brain is just as responsible for your results as the body is.

Which means, believe it or not, that you have to train the brain just as much as you train the body.

Because it's the brain that tells the body what to do via the central nervous system (CNS).

Ever see a teenage kid that hit a serious growth spurt and got really tall, really fast? He's big, but he's goofy and still pretty clumsy. Uncoordinated.

Put simply, it's because his brain hasn't developed all the proper muscle memory (among other things) to be able to use that big, new body efficiently, yet.

Well, if the brain can get "behind" in being able to use the body, then that also means the opposite is true - that the better you are with the brain, the more efficient you can be with the body you already have.

And that means improved performance.

In almost every area.

But performance itself...just for the sake of performance...is NOT what we're after. You need that performance to carry over to other stuff.

And what about neuro-chemicals (the stuff the brain spits out when you're in certain states of mind)? Think adrenalin. Or like the crazy phenomena of the mother who picks the car up off her baby after a wreck.

How does that stuff happen? And can we tap into it?

Listen, I wrote about a 17-18 page mini-book on all this stuff last week. (Been studying it for years.)

It's amazing how it can affect your training and performance.

I'd *really* like to give you the book. And I will...if you pick up "Working Class Fitness - Killer MMA Workouts". WCF comes with new "Bonus Materials" every single week for 3 months. My new mini-book is Week 5's Bonus. No charge. Just my way of saying "Thank You" for being a customer.

That's in addition to the 3 EXTRA workout programs I've handed out so far (with more to come).

Plus videos, articles, and more.

Remember - that's all just "extra"...not even including everything you get in the main product itself.

Wanna get in on the goodness?

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