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This seems like a very simple question, but in reality, is one that many coaches, trainers, and trainees are always debating.

Because it seems as if almost everyone you talk to has a different opinion on the matter. Some say that "Program A" is better to achieve *insert goal here*. Others say "Program B" is better. Others still will say that neither one is any good and that you should really just do "Program C".

And don't look for scientific tests or studies - they're often just as varied as straight opinions.

This topic has again recently come even further into light with the posting of an article at the Juggernaut Training Systems site, in which the author claims that speed (i.e. - Dynamic Effort) training doesn't "work" for non-geared powerlifters.

(NOTE - "non-geared" means for guys that don't wear squat suits, briefs, bench shirts, and the like.)

This has led to a lot of controversy in powerlifting and related circles, which I discuss in the video.

I also react to an article that was written in response, which referred to the notion that many things under the sun "work". At the same time, there are a lot of different ways to say that something "works".

Check out the video to get an idea of what I mean.


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