available tips to conserve more energy during travel

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It seems a hazzle for most laptop users who suffer from a poor battery life when travelling. The precious longer Laptop Battery life is extremtly important a long-haul flight or other trip because these places often don't provide electrical outlet to plug in your device. Quite often, the users will look for the laptops which is a joy to travel with, especially can be equipped with long battery life. Here we will share some tips for you to keep your battery last as longer as possible.

1. If possible, keep your machine in the Standby mode when you're able to

Keep your laptop in the standby mode or just turn it off If you determine to be away from the laptop for a long time. In addition, If you are running Windows, keep in mind of the power-saving timeouts

2. lower the brightness of the screen

Sometimes, bright light from the laptop screen can not only be annoying to the person sitting next to you, but also consume the HP Elitebook 6930p Battery power. So, keep in mind to dim the brightness of the screen slowly to adjust your eyes to the darker screen to save as much power as possible. change the settings in your Control Panel under Power Options.

3. Disable unused devices

Your battery will drain faster if there's a spinning disc in your optical drive such as a game/music CD or DVD movie. On the other hand, some PC games offer you the choice to install the entire program to the hard drive, so choose this option whenever possible, as you'll get more life out of your laptop. So, turn them off if you don't need them or remove instead.

4. Install battery management software

This practise will enable you to be alerted when the battery is low so you can save your work in time. There are a variety of good applications(both free and paid) online for you to select from. can help you monitor your battery states and keep track of its health.

5. Upgrade your battery.

If all the above tips are not practical for you, then upgrade your battery with more cells containing for more power. In general, a 6-cell HP Mini Battery will last about 2-3 hours, but a 12-cell battery can last about 16 hours. New batteries are expensive, but it is worth the investment if you travel frequently.

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